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Photo of excavator demolishing a barn Demolishing a house or demolition of sites is hazardous work that requires a professional demolition company especially when considering the environmental foot print. Eco Demolition is that organization.

Eco Demolition utilizes techniques to professionally and safely accomplish client needs. We will either partially or completely demolish / dismantle structures in the 4 story range. This is where we specialize. This specialization enables Eco Demolition to concentrate on the safe removal of hazardous materials from structures such as schools, homes, rural buildings, agricultural sites, brown fields, industrial buildings and institutional buildings. We service malls, ships, tankers, locomotive structures, underground parking areas, any site where demolition and environmental impact is a concern, for complete or partial dismantling and site remediation.

Dismantling of sites is precise work requires a professional organization. Eco Demolition's team of trained professionals will dismantle and remove site materials to our client's specifications. We specialize in HVAC room deconstruction and removal. Asbestos abatement and hazardous materials are a reality in sites requiring dismantling. We have special procedures and trained staff that follow strict rules and regulations revolving around these types of materials.

We believe that our environment is precious and seek to improve and preserve it by taking the necessary steps to complete house demolition and other projects on time and on budget.


CALL (905) 473-6883

Designated Substances Survey (DSS) and Environmental Site Assessment

We believe that our environment is precious and seek to improve and preserve it by taking the necessary steps to complete projects on time and on budget.

Photo of a demolition expert taking soil samples at a job site The many types of materials found in today's sites include but are not limited to:

We provide a Designated Substances Survey (DSS) that identifies which substances are present. This is critical to establish the concentration and location of substances for abatement removal. Eco Demolition will establish an environmental site assessment in order to understand the unique nature of every site. This is provided to the client when tendering a house demolition or dismantling project.

Eco Demolition's site work specializes in the demolition aspect of site remediation. Contaminants and all materials leaving the site are sent to the regionally approved waste management facilities.

Demolition Services FAQs

  • How long does it take to demolish a house?
    A standard 1800 square foot house takes approximately one day for asbestos removal, one day to strip it out and two to three days once the excavator and trucks come on site.

  • Do you leave the site cleared to the builder's requirements?
    Yes. We demolish all buildings and structures; remove appropriate vegetation, footings and any building rubble under the surface. The site is left clean and graded, ready for new construction.

  • Can you remove Asbestos?
    Yes. All asbestos removal is carried out by our own licensed staff in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety and TSSA regulations. Our technicians are Asbestos Type 1,2,3, 253W and 253S Certified.

  • How much notice is needed to book in a demolition?
    Two to three weeks is generally needed to organize demolition permit applications and to arrange all utilities and site services to be abolished.

  • Do I need a permit to demolish my house or other structure?
    Yes. A Demolition Permit must be obtained from the City or Municipality in which the structure is located. A demolition permit is required to demolish all or part of a building. The demolition project can not start without a Demolition Permit.

  • What if my house or building has good bricks, tiles or other salvageable materials?
    That depends and will be determined during the consultation.

  • What about the Utilities? Electricity, Gas, Water, Telephone and Cable supplies to the building?
    The electricity and gas will need to be disconnected at the property line prior to the start of any demolition work. Water can usually be shut off at the property line, whilst telephone cables can be cut, rolled up and attached back to the pole. Disconnecting the services is crucial to quick progression and should be done as soon as possible, as it can take between two and three months to organize this with the utilities.

  • Who organizes permits and service disconnection?
    Eco Demolition can collect the information the owner needs to start the demolition permit application, and can assist with the utility disconnections. Any tree removal permits need to obtained by the owner of the property.

  • Are you a licensed demolition company?
    Demolition companies as such do not require a license to demolish structures. However, Eco Demolition is an Ontario Corporation Certified and Registered with TSSA, MTO and the WSIB. Our technicians are Asbestos Type 1, 2, 3, 253W and 253S Certified. We are fully insured with 10 million in liability coverage.

We Provide Demolition Services Across Ontario

Eco Demolition provides Demolition and Dismantling Services to residential, commercial and industrial clients within the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario. Depending on the size and nature of the job we may extend our service coverage to further outlying areas of Ontario.

Our coverage includes but is not limited to .

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