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Pool Removal and Demolition Services

Pool Removal Contractor for Southern Ontario & GTA

Demolishing a swimming pool and backfilling a pool is hazardous work that requires a professional pool removal company especially when considering the environmental foot print. Eco Demolition is that company.

Eco Demolition utilizes techniques to professionally and safely accomplish client needs. Whether you want to demolish and backfill your pool because the maintenance cost is too high, or the pool is turning off potential house buyers, or to lower the home insurance liability, or the pool just simply has structural failures -- we can help! We remove pools (both above ground and in ground) and spas of all types including residential, commercial, custom-built. We also remove and demolish specialty pools such as: vinyl liner pools, gunite and block pools, indoor pools and spas and fibre-glass inserts.

Pool fill-in and pool removal is precise work that requires a professional organization. Eco Demolition's team of trained professionals will dismantle and remove pool and pool material to our client's specifications. We specialize in pool demolition and removal and strive in maintaining the highest of standards and workmanship.

We believe that our environment is precious and seek to improve and preserve it by taking the necessary steps to complete pool demolition and other projects on time and on budget.



Pool Backfilling or Fill-In

Some municipalities, like City of Toronto, do not require a permit for filling in or backfilling a swimming pool.

It is recommended that homeowners wishing to fill in an existing swimming pool to:

  • remove the liner or break the concrete base to prevent the collection of water

  • the pool should be backfilled with granular materials and levelled with 3 inches of top soil to permit seeding

For requirements or to obtain more information regarding filling in a swimming pool or information about the Ontario Building Code, contact Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

If a homeowner does not seek advice or follow the above suggestions, a referral can be made to the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks, if hazardous or toxic materials are believed to be used as back-fill.

Our Swimming Pool Removal Process

What to expect when we come to remove and backfill your swimming pool:

  1. Obtain all required permits in your municipality

  2. Pump out all water from the swimming pool and clean out all residues

  3. Safely remove liner or metal siding, stairs, filters, ladder, skimmers and all lines

  4. Dispose of the pool and decking at authorized locations or use as clean fill

  5. Remove or Break open bottom of pool for drainage before back filling

  6. Remove the sand under pool, if required

  7. Backfill and compact on 8" lifts until hole is to grade level

  8. Provide written documentation of the removal, including disposal or recycling records


NOTE: All fill used in back filling a pool must be considered clean fill. Back filling any hole with contaminated soil is against the law.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove and Fill In a Pool?

It depends on the type of pool, size and how you choose to fill it. Each project is unique and the best thing would be to contact us for an estimate and go from there.

We Provide Pool Removal Services Across Ontario

Eco Demolition provides Swimming Pool Removal Services to clients within the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario. Depending on the size and nature of the job we may extend our service coverage to further outlying areas of Ontario.

Our coverage includes but is not limited to the following locations.

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