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Health & Safety

A safe work site, a safer environment.

At Eco Demolition we take safety very seriously. Safety is such an important part of our work that we have an ongoing training program in place to ensure all of our technicians are fully trained and certified to current industry standards.

We invest a great deal of time and resources so our clients can feel confident that our ecological environmental approach is the best choice. Eco Demolition's philosophy is one of safety first. We train hard and work harder to get the job done safely, ecologically, on time and on budget every time.


We strive for safe, injury free job site completion. As such all our technicians have a responsibility to recognize safety hazards and our escalation procedures ensure proper steps are taken to remove any hazards during a site project. Through proper planning and ongoing assessment each job site execution is managed with due diligence.

This due diligence is integral to safe effective work site completion. Learn how our team is fully certified.

Eco Demolition promotes a safe work environment from top management down. All workers are provided with properly maintained equipment and tools to mitigate the dangers presented at each work site. Full attention is paid to safety equipment on a day to day basis. From hard hat to hard work day done safety is a serious part of our job.

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