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About Us

When we exceed our clients' expectations we meet our expectations.

Eco Demolition is an environmentally conscious demolition and dismantling company. At Eco Demolition we believe that our future depends on the proper handling of environmentally degraded sites.

Every site need to be responsibly managed in order to ascertain what hazardous materials are present, their location and in what concentrations. This is called a Designated Substances Survey or DSS. The DSS allows Eco Demolition to plan and execute the best solution for removal and abatement during demolition. Eco Demolition does the demolition and environmental clean up. This is our specialty.



It is our mission to have an environmentally safe work site. We provide a certificate of removal to our clients so they can safely move forward on site projects. Our work is done by certified professionals and we are a fully insured and registered company.

We follow a very strict code of environmental rules and regulations set out by the ministry of the environment in order to guarantee every client that their job is handled with the utmost care and respect.

At Eco Demolition we concern ourselves with partial to full demolition and or dismantling, the removal / abatement of asbestos, hazardous material, boiler, HVAC rooms, metal recycling and site waste removal. We also offer swimming pool removal & demolition services to residential and commercial clients.

Our company can provide full turnkey solutions to sites requiring bin service, site grading, retaining wall service, excavation, contaminated soil removal and backfill. We have our own fleet of heavy machinery, dump trucks and service vehicles. We can provide flat bed trucks to service sites across Ontario. Eco Demolition can remove small to large water towers, chillers, transformers and other machinery either bound for metal recycling or future sites. This enables us to pass savings on to our customers.

Our Expertise & Qualifications

We hold several licenses, certificates, insurances and belong to several associations.

  • WSIB Registered

  • TSSA Certified and Registered

  • MTO Dangerous Goods Certified

  • Technicians hold OBT2 & OBT3 licenses

  • Master Petroleum Mechanic (PM2) on staff

  • Certified Oil Burner Technician (OBT1) on staff

  • Asbestos Type 1, 2, 3 253W and 253S Certified Technicians

  • Confined Space Awareness Certified Technicians

  • Ministry of Environment "MOE" licensed contractor

Eco Demolition is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries.

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